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Part Number: PWR-RGD-LOW-DC-H
Manufacturer: Cisco

The Cisco PWR-RGD-LOW-DC-H is a ruggedized, low-voltage DC power supply designed to provide reliable power in harsh industrial environments. It ensures continuous operation of network devices and equipment in challenging conditions.

Key Features:

  • Rugged Design: Built to withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, and vibrations typical in industrial settings.
  • Low-Voltage DC: Provides stable DC power suitable for powering network devices in remote and outdoor environments.
  • Wide Input Voltage Range: Supports a wide range of DC input voltages, enhancing flexibility in deployment.
  • Compact Size: Space-saving and suitable for installations with limited space.
  • Reliability: Designed for high reliability and longevity in industrial applications.
  • Easy Installation: DIN rail mountable for convenient installation in industrial enclosures.

Ideal for powering industrial Ethernet switches, routers, and other network devices in transportation, manufacturing, oil and gas, and utility sectors where rugged and reliable power solutions are required.


  • Input Voltage Range: Typically supports 9V to 36V DC (specific range depends on model)
  • Output Power: Provides sufficient power for various industrial networking devices
  • Operating Temperature: Designed to operate reliably in extreme temperatures
  • Mounting: DIN rail mountable for easy installation in industrial environments
  • Dimensions: Compact and ruggedized design suitable for harsh environments

Why Choose PWR-RGD-LOW-DC-H:
The Cisco PWR-RGD-LOW-DC-H power supply is specifically designed for industrial applications, offering ruggedness, reliability, and compatibility with Cisco industrial networking equipment. It ensures continuous operation of critical network infrastructure in harsh environments where standard power supplies may not suffice. With its wide input voltage range and compact size, it provides flexibility and ease of installation in various industrial settings. Organizations benefit from Cisco's expertise in industrial networking solutions, ensuring reliable power delivery and continuous operation of network infrastructure in challenging environments.


Artikelnummer: PWR-RGD-LOW-DC-H
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