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Part Number: SCBE3-MX
Manufacturer: Juniper Networks

Overview: The Juniper SCBE3-MX, also known as the Switch Control Board Enhanced 3 for MX Series routers, is a critical component designed to enhance the performance, scalability, and reliability of Juniper's MX Series routers. It serves as the central management and forwarding engine for these routers, ensuring efficient packet forwarding, high availability, and advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Performance: Provides high-performance forwarding and control capabilities, essential for high-speed networks.
  • Redundancy: Supports redundant switch fabric and control boards for enhanced reliability and failover protection.
  • Scalability: Enables scaling of router capacity and port density as network demands grow.
  • Junos OS: Runs on Juniper's Junos operating system, offering advanced routing and switching features.
  • Security: Includes built-in security features such as firewall filters and MPLS-based Layer 3 VPNs.
  • Monitoring and Management: Supports Juniper's Junos Space Network Management Platform for comprehensive network visibility and management.

Applications: Ideal for:

  • Service provider networks requiring high-performance and scalable routing solutions.
  • Data center environments needing reliable and efficient packet forwarding capabilities.
  • Enterprises with demanding networking requirements for business-critical applications.


  • Compatibility: Compatible with Juniper MX Series routers, including MX240, MX480, MX960, and MX2020 models.
  • Scalability: Supports various line card options for flexible configuration and expansion.
  • Dimensions: Designed to fit standard MX Series router chassis.
  • Power Consumption: Energy-efficient design suitable for data center deployments.

Why Choose Juniper SCBE3-MX: The Juniper SCBE3-MX enhances the capabilities of Juniper's MX Series routers, providing robust performance, scalability, and reliability for mission-critical networks. It ensures seamless operation with advanced features such as MPLS, BGP, and extensive QoS capabilities, making it suitable for diverse applications including service provider networks, data centers, and large enterprises. With Juniper's commitment to innovation and reliability, the SCBE3-MX delivers superior network performance and operational efficiency, backed by comprehensive support and service offerings.

Choose the Juniper SCBE3-MX to elevate your network infrastructure with industry-leading performance, scalability, and advanced features, ensuring optimal reliability and investment protection for your networking needs.

This description highlights the Juniper SCBE3-MX's advanced capabilities and benefits, appealing to network architects and IT professionals seeking high-performance and scalable routing solutions for their critical network infrastructures.

Juniper SCBE3-MX

Artikelnummer: SCBE3-MX
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