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MEM3800-256D - Product Description

Full Part Number: MEM3800-256D


The MEM3800-256D is a high-density DRAM memory module designed specifically for Cisco 3800 series integrated services routers. This memory upgrade enhances the router's performance and capability to handle increased network traffic and complex applications. It ensures reliable and efficient operation of Cisco routers in demanding network environments, making it an essential component for network expansion and optimization.

Key Features

  • Memory Upgrade: Increases the router's memory capacity for improved performance and scalability.
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with Cisco 3800 series integrated services routers.
  • Reliability: Cisco-branded memory module ensures compatibility and reliability.
  • Plug-and-Play Installation: Easy installation without the need for configuration.
  • Enhanced Router Functionality: Supports additional features and capabilities of Cisco IOS software.
  • Robust Construction: Durable design for long-term reliability in networking applications.


  • Network Expansion: Essential for expanding the memory capacity of Cisco 3800 series routers to accommodate growing network demands.
  • Enterprise Networks: Suitable for enhancing performance and reliability in corporate network infrastructures.
  • Telecommunications: Ideal for telecom companies requiring robust memory solutions for network equipment.
  • Data Centers: Supports critical applications and services in data center environments.
  • Service Provider Networks: Ensures consistent performance and reliability in service provider networks.


  • Part Number: MEM3800-256D
  • Memory Capacity: 256 MB
  • Compatibility: Cisco 3800 series integrated services routers
  • Form Factor: DIMM
  • Technology: DRAM
  • Speed: Standard operational speed for Cisco routers
  • Power Supply: Not applicable (powered by the router)

Why Choose MEM3800-256D

Choosing the MEM3800-256D memory module ensures enhanced performance and reliability for Cisco 3800 series integrated services routers. It provides the necessary memory upgrade to support increased network traffic, complex applications, and additional features of Cisco IOS software. With its plug-and-play installation and Cisco-branded reliability, the MEM3800-256D offers a seamless upgrade path without the need for complex configurations. For businesses and organizations relying on Cisco 3800 series routers, this memory module provides peace of mind with its proven compatibility and robust performance in diverse networking environments.

Enhance the performance and capabilities of your Cisco 3800 series integrated services router with the MEM3800-256D memory module, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your network infrastructure needs.

Elevate Your Network Infrastructure with the Cisco MEM3800-256D  and benefit from its performance, flexibility, and advanced features.

Cisco MEM3800-256D

Artikelnummer: MEM3800-256D
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