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Part Number: C1121-4PLTEP
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems

Overview: The Cisco C1121-4PLTEP is a ruggedized, compact router designed for industrial IoT (Internet of Things) and critical infrastructure deployments. It combines cellular connectivity with powerful routing capabilities, making it suitable for applications requiring reliable and secure connectivity in challenging environments.

Key Features:

  • Embedded LTE Modem: Integrated 4G LTE Advanced Pro modem for primary or backup cellular connectivity.
  • Dual SIM Slots: Supports dual SIMs for carrier redundancy and flexibility.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): Provides PoE/PoE+ capabilities to power IP devices such as cameras and access points.
  • Industrial Design: Ruggedized metal housing with DIN rail and wall mount options for deployment in harsh environments.
  • Advanced Security: Includes built-in firewall, VPN support, and secure boot for enhanced network security.
  • Remote Management: Managed via Cisco IOS Software, with support for remote monitoring and configuration.
  • Reliability: Dual redundant power inputs for enhanced reliability in critical applications.

Applications: Ideal for:

  • Industrial IoT deployments requiring reliable and resilient connectivity.
  • Remote monitoring and management of infrastructure in industries such as transportation, utilities, and manufacturing.
  • Temporary and mobile deployments requiring robust networking capabilities.


  • Cellular Connectivity: LTE Advanced Pro with dual SIM slots
  • Ethernet Ports: Includes multiple Ethernet ports for LAN connectivity
  • Dimensions: Compact and ruggedized design suitable for industrial environments
  • Power Supply: Dual DC power inputs for redundancy
  • Operating Temperature: Designed to operate in extreme temperatures (-40°C to +70°C)

Why Choose Cisco C1121-4PLTEP: The Cisco C1121-4PLTEP router offers robust, reliable, and secure connectivity for industrial IoT and critical infrastructure applications. It provides integrated LTE connectivity with dual SIM slots for carrier redundancy, ensuring continuous operation even in remote or challenging environments. The ruggedized design and support for PoE enable easy deployment of IP devices without the need for additional power sources. With Cisco's renowned reliability, advanced security features, and comprehensive management capabilities, the C1121-4PLTEP router delivers peace of mind and operational efficiency, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking resilient networking solutions for their industrial deployments.

Choose the Cisco C1121-4PLTEP router to ensure reliable connectivity, enhanced security, and operational continuity in industrial IoT and critical infrastructure applications, backed by Cisco's commitment to innovation and quality.

This description highlights the Cisco C1121-4PLTEP router's advanced features and benefits, appealing to industries and organizations requiring ruggedized and reliable networking solutions for their industrial IoT deployments.


Artikelnummer: C1121-4PLTEP
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