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Model:ASR1000-ESP200= - Cisco ASR 1000 Router Module
Detail:ASR 1000 Embedded Services Processor, 200G


Up to 152 Mpps

Variable forwarding performance, depending on features configured


Up to 200 Gbps

For the combination of commonly used features + Firewall or NAT

Shared by all Cisco ASR 1000 SIP (ASR1000-SIP40) cards

Up to 78 Gbps

For plain IPsec encryption (1400-byte packets)

For GETVPN, more than one GDOI group


Access control

Up to 4,000 unique ACLs and 400,000 ACEs per system


Up to 58,000 sessions and 16,000 L2TP tunnels


Up to:

● 4,000,000 IPv4 or 4,000,000 IPv6 routes

Multicast: 100,000 routes and 44,000 groups


Flexible number of queues per system:

● Up to 464,000 queues

● Three levels of hierarchy

● Two LLQ queues per policy, with up to 4,000 policies

8-kbps policing and queuing granularity

<100-microsecond latency for high-priority applications

Real-time traffic

Up to 4,000 CRTP sessions


Up to:

● IPsec: 8000 tunnels

● Firewall: 6,000,000 sessions and 220,000 sessions-per-sec setup rate

● NAT: 4,000,000 sessions and 300,000 sessions-per-sec setup rate

● Carrier-Grade NAT: 12,000,000 sessions


Up to 8,000 VRF instances


Up to 4,000 tunnels

Cisco Unified Border Element (SP Edition)

Up to 64,000 sessions (each session represents a complete voice call with 14 SIP messages per call; that is, two call legs on the SBC consisting of two media legs for a bidirectional media flow and seven SIP messages per call leg)


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