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Esphere Network Services

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Buyback program
Commitment to sustainability

Reducing electronic waste
At Esphere Network, we understand the importance of minimizing the environmental footprint of network hardware.

Our commitment aims to effectively reduce electronic waste.

Buyback program:

Your contribution to environmental protection

Participate and benefit:

  • Fair value: Get a fair price for your used devices.

  • Environmentally friendly: Actively contribute to environmentally friendly practices.

  • Extend product life cycle: Help extend the lifespan of network devices.


Circular economy model:

A new life for your devices

We give your network devices a second life by professionally refurbishing them and selling them on to companies that are looking for reliable and cost-effective solutions - without compromising on quality.

Success stories
Find out more about the positive impact of our program, visit the area


Customer experiences.


Join us!
Join our program and support a more sustainable future.

For more information contact us directly

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