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The Cisco Industrial Ethernet 3010 Series is a family of fully managed, Layer 2 rack-mountable fixed configuration switches with Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) fiber aggregation and Power over Ethernet (PoE) that bring Cisco's leadership in switching to Industrial Ethernet applications with innovative features, robust security, and superior ease of use.
The Cisco IE 3010 Series is an ideal product for Industrial Ethernet applications, including factory automation, process automation and control, intelligent transportation systems (ITSs), rail transport, and mass transit.

  • Extended temperature, vibration and shock, surge and noise immunity ratings comply to specifications for automation, ITS, and most industrial environments
  • 19" rack mount with wall mount options allow for deployments in a variety of control systems
  • Fixed configuration of downlink ports with choices of copper or fiber, and power over Ethernet (PoE), deliver ease of use and flexibility in deployment
  • Alarm relay contacts with four inputs and one form-C output to meet various alarm needs
  • Swappable SD flash memory is ideal for quick and easy switch replacement
  • SNMP (v1/v2/v3) support allows for management using common network management tools
  • DHCP port-based allocation retains the IP address on a per port basis and simplifies the end-host replacement in an industrial setting
  • Virtual LANs (VLANs) allow for logical segmentation for a network for optimal use of bandwidth
  • QoS classifies and prioritizes data, guaranteeing determinism for mission-critical data
  • IGMP snooping or filtering provides multicast authentication by filtering out nonsubscribers and limits the number of concurrent multicast streams per port
  • Per-port broadcast, multicast, and unicast storm control prevents faulty end stations from degrading overall systems performance
  • EtherChannel LACP support for quick recovery and load-balancing across multiple links
  • FlexLinks and Link State Tracking for fast recovery and easy configuration and troubleshooting
  • IEEE 802.1x with VLAN assignment, guest VLAN, and voice VLAN allows dynamic port-based security, and application-aware user authentication
  • Port-based ACLs for Layer 2 interfaces allow application of security policies on individual switch ports
  • MAC address filtering prevents the forwarding of any type of packet with a matching MAC address
  • SSH Protocol v2 and SNMP v3 provide network security by encrypting administrator traffic during Telnet and SNMP sessions
  • TACACS+ and RADIUS authentication enable centralized security control of the switch and restrict unauthorized users from altering the configuration
  • MAC address notification allows administrators to be notified of users added to or removed from the network
  • DHCP snooping allows administrators to make sure of consistent mapping of IP to MAC addresses
  • Port security secures the access to an access or trunk port based on MAC address
  • After a specific time frame, the aging feature removes the MAC address from the switch to allow another device to connect to the same port
  • Dynamic ARP inspection helps make sure of user integrity by preventing malicious users from exploiting the insecure nature of the ARP protocol
  • IP source guard prevents a malicious user from spoofing or taking over another user's IP address


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