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Part Number: ASA5550-K8
Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc.

The Cisco ASA5550-K8 is a robust and high-performance firewall and security appliance designed to protect enterprise networks from a wide range of threats. As part of the Cisco ASA 5500 Series, this model offers comprehensive security services, including firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, and content security. Engineered for large enterprise environments, the ASA5550-K8 ensures reliable and scalable security solutions to safeguard critical data and applications.

Key Features:

High-Performance Firewall: Provides stateful inspection firewall capabilities with high throughput to protect against network threats.

VPN Support: Supports a variety of VPN technologies, including SSL and IPsec, to secure remote access and site-to-site connectivity.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Integrated IPS to detect and prevent security threats and vulnerabilities.

Content Security: Advanced content security features such as antivirus, anti-spam, and URL filtering to protect against web-based threats.

Scalability: Designed to scale with network growth, supporting up to 650,000 concurrent connections.

High Availability: Supports redundant configurations for high availability and failover protection to ensure continuous operation.

Comprehensive Management: Offers centralized management through Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager (ASDM) and support for Cisco Security Manager.


  • Enterprise Network Security: Ideal for large enterprises requiring robust firewall protection, VPN support, and advanced security features.
  • Data Centers: Protects data centers with high-performance security and scalable protection measures.
  • Remote Access: Secures remote access for employees and partners with reliable VPN services.
  • Branch Offices: Provides security for branch office networks, ensuring consistent protection across all locations.
  • E-commerce Platforms: Safeguards online transaction data and sensitive information with advanced security capabilities.


  • Part Number: ASA5550-K8
  • Firewall Throughput: Up to 1.2 Gbps
  • Concurrent Connections: Up to 650,000
  • VPN Throughput: Up to 425 Mbps
  • Interfaces: 8 x 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • VPN Support: SSL VPN, IPsec VPN
  • Security Features: Stateful firewall, IPS, content security, antivirus, anti-spam, URL filtering
  • High Availability: Active/standby high availability
  • Management: Cisco ASDM, CLI, Cisco Security Manager
  • Form Factor: 1U rack-mountable appliance
  • Power Supply: Dual, redundant power supplies

Why Choose ASA5550-K8: Choosing the Cisco ASA5550-K8 ensures that your enterprise network benefits from comprehensive and high-performance security solutions. This security appliance is designed to meet the demanding needs of large organizations, offering robust firewall capabilities, advanced VPN support, and integrated threat prevention. The ASA5550-K8's scalability allows it to grow with your network, protecting a vast number of concurrent connections while maintaining high throughput. Its high availability features and redundant configurations guarantee continuous protection and minimal downtime. With Cisco's reliable security management tools, the ASA5550-K8 simplifies security administration and ensures that your network remains secure against evolving threats. Investing in the ASA5550-K8 provides a solid foundation for securing your enterprise network, data centers, and remote access solutions.


SKU: ASA5550-K8
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