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Part Number: ASA5510-BUN-K9

Manufacturer Company: Cisco Systems, Inc.

Overview: The ASA5510-BUN-K9 is a comprehensive security appliance designed to protect network infrastructures against a wide range of threats. Manufactured by Cisco Systems, a global leader in networking and cybersecurity solutions, this appliance offers advanced security features, robust performance, and scalability to meet the security needs of businesses of all sizes.

Key Features:

Firewall Protection: Provides stateful firewall protection to safeguard against unauthorized access and malicious threats.

VPN Connectivity: Offers VPN connectivity for secure remote access and site-to-site communication.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Includes an integrated IPS to detect and prevent network-based attacks in real-time.

Advanced Malware Protection: Incorporates advanced malware protection capabilities to identify and mitigate sophisticated threats.

Web Filtering: Supports web filtering to control access to inappropriate or malicious websites.

High Availability: Supports high availability configurations for redundancy and fault tolerance.

Scalability: Scalable architecture allows for easy expansion to accommodate growing security requirements.


Enterprise Security: Ideal for enterprise-level security deployments requiring comprehensive protection for network infrastructures.

Small to Medium Businesses: Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses seeking robust security solutions to defend against cyber threats.

Remote Access VPN: Used to establish secure remote access VPN connections for remote workers and telecommuters.

Site-to-Site VPN: Deployed to establish secure site-to-site VPN connections between geographically dispersed locations.

Data Centers: Utilized in data center environments to protect critical infrastructure and applications from cyber threats.


  • Part Number: ASA5510-BUN-K9
  • Firewall Throughput: Up to 300 Mbps
  • VPN Throughput: Up to 170 Mbps
  • Concurrent Sessions: Up to 130,000
  • Interfaces: 4 x 10/100 Ethernet ports, 1 x Management port
  • Expansion Slots: 1 x Security Services Card (SSC) slot
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • Flash Memory: 256 MB

Why Choose ASA5510-BUN-K9:

Comprehensive Security: Offers a wide range of security features including firewall, VPN, IPS, and advanced malware protection to defend against evolving cyber threats.

Performance: Provides high-performance throughput and session capacity to meet the demands of modern network infrastructures.

Scalability: Scalable architecture allows for easy expansion and integration with additional security services to adapt to changing security requirements.

Reliability: Manufactured by Cisco, a trusted name in networking and cybersecurity, ensuring reliability and uptime for critical security operations.

Ease of Management: Includes intuitive management interfaces for easy configuration, monitoring, and maintenance of security policies and rules.

Secure your network infrastructure against cyber threats with the ASA5510-BUN-K9 security appliance from Cisco, offering comprehensive security features, performance, scalability, and reliability for your business-critical applications.


VAT Included

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