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Model:WS-X4724-SFP-E Cisco Catalyst 4500 E-Series Line Card
Detail:Cisco 4500 Line Card WS-X4724-SFP-E Catalyst 4500 E-Series 24-Port SFP 1G

Product Code


Line-Card Type

Cisco Catalyst 4500 47xx E-Series Line Cards

Chassis Support

Supported on all 3, 6, 7 (R-E & R+E) and 10 (R-E & R+E) slot chassis

Supervisor Support

Supervisor Engine 8-E,

Supervisor Engine 7-E,

Supervisor Engine 7L-E

per-slot capacity

24 gigabits

Max Rated Power (W)


Rated MTBF (Hours)



·24 * SFP nonblocking ports
·Support 1G/100FX SFP (mix and match as well) at line rate

Cisco IOS Software

Cisco IOS Software Release IOS-XE3.5.0E/15.2(1)E or later


IEEE 802.1AE Fiber Encryption and Cisco TrustSec capability in hardware

Service provider

GE aggregation for DSLAM/PON/mobile data backhaul

L2-4 Jumbo Frame support

up to 9216 bytes


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