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The Finisar F24-IN-E10GSFPLR is a reliable and high-performance dual rate SFP+ module designed for use in both 1.25Gbit and 10.3Gbit fiber optic networks. This SM 1310nm module is perfect for long-range transmissions and is compatible with a variety of networking equipment. Key features of the F24-IN-E10GSFPLR include its compatibility with both 1.25Gbit and 10.3Gbit Ethernet networks, its use of 1310nm wavelength for optimal signal transmission, and its support for single mode fiber. This module is ideal for applications that require high-speed and long-range data transmissions, making it well-suited for use in data centers, enterprise networking, and telecommunications systems. With a data transfer rate of up to 10.3Gbits and a reach of up to 10 kilometers, the F24-IN-E10GSFPLR is a versatile and efficient solution for demanding networking environments. Its small form factor and hot-swappable design make it easy to integrate and maintain in a variety of networking setups. Choose the Finisar F24-IN-E10GSFPLR for its reliability, high performance, and compatibility with a wide range of networking equipment.

Finisar F24-IN-E10GSFPLR Dual Rate 1,25Gbit / 10,3 Gbits SM 1310nm SFP+

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