Esphere Network provides technical support and consultations on the equipment purchased.

Our experts shall be in charge of the whole cycle, starting with selecting the equipment and all through the point where it has been successfully installed and is up and running. Providing the customers with consultation at all stages is an important part of our work. Should any questions arise, you can always address the support team through the form at the site.

What can we do for you after you have purchased the equipment?

Service life extension
A good option for those who appreciate sustainability is a warranty period extension for the equipment up to six months.
Our personnel help to configure the equipment and to introduce it properly into the company's infrastructure.

We lend assistance in troubleshooting of leading brands equipment.


Qualified technicians shall perform post-warranty repairs.

Need a consultation? Ask us upon selecting the equipment or during the operation thereof.

Any question or enquiry?

Send it to our managers now.
We will reply within 30 minutes.
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Or you can call us yourself:
+49 30 28861182