Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Where can I see the latest product offers?
With the many factors affecting the used equipment market, the prices may change rather fast. You will find current prices for the catalogue items on our page at
What do I do if the equipment I need is not in stock?
If the equipment you need is currently not in stock, please send an enquiry by filling out a form for our sales team to find the equipment required or one that is fully identical to it.
How fast do you deliver the order?
The delivery period will be agreed with you while compiling the order. The delivery term will depend on the time when the goods are dispatched from our warehouse and on the country of delivery. For instance, we deliver to Germany in about 1-2 days, to European Union countries in 1-3 days. We can use courier companies to arrange for an expedited delivery of the equipment ordered to your warehouse.
Can I trade in my old equipment to finance a new purchase?
If you have network or computer equipment that you don't use, you can use it to finance a part of the price for the equipment you will purchase from us. The conditions of equipment acceptance for trade-in depends on its potential to be sold afterwards. You can make an enquiry to get an estimate of the equipment in your warehouse from our team.
How can I make an installment purchase of the equipment?
We can provide an interest-free payment options with a term of up to six months, after verifying the customer's financial condition.
How can I acquire equipment on lease?
Esphere Network implements a number of partnerships with leasing companies and banks to provide equipment on lease. Equipment lease is one of the most flexible options to provide a company or an enterprise with the latest equipment and to build up infrastructure strength, yet minimizing lump-sum costs at the same time.
Is it possible to just give you old equipment and get money?
Yes, we can buy your used equipment on extremely favourable terms and pay you in cash. You can get an estimate of the equipment in your warehouse from our team.
How does the warranty for the equipment work?
All the equipment we sell is produced by proven and reliable brands only, is in good working order, and has passed a full pre-sale preparation. We also provide a 3 months warranty + a 6 months extended warranty for those who wish to extend the warranty term (available for some groups of goods).
Can you help to configure the equipment?
Yes, we can. We provide equipment maintenance service, including troubleshooting, configuration, and other kinds of technical consultation.
How does the simplified procedure for goods return work?

If you are our regular customer possessing a NBD warranty, we will replace your equipment on the day of your request. The equipment will be sent to you by an overnight delivery. The return option will be available within five working days of the RMA request dispatch.

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