PO Instructions
of ESphere Network GmbH company
Please strictly follow the following instructions
Clearly print the PO# on the outside of the box and invoice.
Please when packaging all goods, refrain from using any of your companies taping or signage on the boxes.
Do not use foam peanut packaging.
Do not declare the insurance value otherwise the shipper will be responsible for any additional costs that are incurred.
If the PO states 'Pick Up', please contact purchasing@esnetwork.de and shipping@esnetwork.de when equipment is ready for pick up and we will arrange it ourselves. Please always include the weight and dimensions of the order. If the PO states our 'Shipping Account Number' and which company to use (DHL, Fedex, etc.) please ship on this account and make sure the PO# is added to the Airway bill (AWB) and then provide us with tracking as soon as it is available.
This guarantees (to the best of your knowledge) that all the equipment being provided is available for import into and/or sale within the European Economic Area (EEA).
It is understood that our packaging instructions have been read, understood and then packaged accordingly to minimise instances of damage occurring during transit of goods.
Esphere Network GmbH's packing instructions:
- anti-static bags to be used when necessary (power supplies, fans, cards, etc.)
- all items to be what we deem sufficiently wrapped in bubble wrap or equivalent material
- what we deem to be sufficient packaging around the items within the box/es
- the correct PID is shipped that was placed on our Purchase Order
These Terms & Conditions apply to every purchase made by Esphere Network GmbH and if not followed it will be deemed the responsibility of the supplier and a full refund or replacement will be expected, upon receipt of this PO you are confirming these Terms & Conditions.