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Part Number: Cisco WS-C2960X-24PSQ-L

Overview: The Cisco WS-C2960X-24PSQ-L is a compact and reliable switch designed for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and branch office deployments. Featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) support, quiet operation, and enhanced security features, this switch provides a cost-effective and efficient solution for network connectivity and power delivery in constrained environments.

Key Features:

  • 24 Ethernet ports: Provides 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports for connecting devices such as computers, printers, and IP phones.
  • PoE support: Offers Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities to power connected devices, eliminating the need for separate power sources.
  • Quiet operation: Designed for quiet operation, making it suitable for deployment in noise-sensitive environments such as offices and retail spaces.
  • Enhanced security: Incorporates advanced security features, including Access Control Lists (ACLs), Secure Shell (SSH), and Port Security, to protect against unauthorized access and ensure network integrity.
  • Layer 2 switching: Supports Layer 2 switching functionalities, including VLANs, Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), and Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), for efficient network management and optimization.
  • Easy management: Offers a user-friendly web interface and command-line interface (CLI) for easy configuration and management of network settings.


  • Small to medium-sized businesses: Ideal for SMBs requiring reliable and cost-effective network connectivity for everyday business operations.
  • Branch office deployments: Suitable for branch office environments requiring compact and efficient switches to connect devices and support essential applications.
  • Retail and hospitality: Provides network connectivity for retail stores, restaurants, and hotels, supporting point-of-sale (POS) systems, guest Wi-Fi, and other business-critical applications.
  • Education and healthcare: Enables network connectivity for educational institutions and healthcare facilities, supporting classroom learning, patient care, and administrative functions.


  • Ports: 24 x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
  • Power over Ethernet: PoE/PoE+ support
  • Switching capacity: Up to 216 Gbps
  • Forwarding rate: Up to 64 Gbps
  • VLANs: Supports up to 1023 VLANs
  • Dimensions: Compact form factor for space-constrained environments

Why Choose:

  • Cost-Effective Solution: The Cisco WS-C2960X-24PSQ-L offers a cost-effective solution for SMBs and branch offices, providing reliable network connectivity and power delivery at an affordable price point.
  • PoE Support: With PoE capabilities, this switch simplifies deployment by eliminating the need for separate power sources for connected devices, reducing installation costs and complexity.
  • Quiet Operation: Designed for quiet operation, the switch is suitable for deployment in noise-sensitive environments, ensuring a comfortable and productive workspace.
  • Enhanced Security: Incorporates advanced security features to protect against unauthorized access and ensure network integrity, providing peace of mind for businesses.
  • Layer 2 Switching: Supports Layer 2 switching functionalities for efficient network management and optimization, enabling organizations to tailor their network to their specific requirements.
  • Easy Management: Offers a user-friendly web interface and CLI for easy configuration and management, allowing organizations to quickly set up and manage their network settings with minimal effort.


Elevate Your Network Infrastructure with the Cisco WS-C2960X-24PSQ-L  and benefit from its performance, flexibility, and advanced features.


262,00 €Price
VAT Included

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